Music is an inherently social experience and plays a significant role in strengthening social bonds. Listening to music together with other people brings its own social buzz, making you feel connected with those around us. 


In this case study, I designed a party-mode playlist for Spotify to increase cooperation and connection among people in the co-listening experience on intimate social events like parties.

My Contribution

Team Lead, Hi-fi UI design, Prototyping, a new round of iteration


Nicole Wan, Moe Na, Melinda Chen




4 weeks + 1 week

How might we leverage Spotify to enhance the co-listening experience in social events like parties?

Design Highlights

Create Party Playlist

Explore the fun facts for offline social

Upvote the song you like

Social Expressions on music


Group Interest-Based Music-Adding Experience


Music-Planet for Online Social



Is 'social music streaming' still something people need?

Is ‘social music streaming’ something new?
Or we haven’t figured out how to make social a feature that people want or need yet? “Making music social” is not a new concept, in fact, many companies including Spotify have been trying to integrate it into their apps in many ways. Social features always contribute to the increase of the user numbers. But most of them focus on the social feature for online use or digital connections.

Initial Understanding

Secondary research & interviews

"I don’t actually make new friends through music apps."

"I don’t listen to music with my friends together online."

"I don’t expect to get good recommendations of songs from my friends since I am not sure if we have similar music tastes or not."

"I will definitely listen to music with friends together in some social events like party or road trips."

"Music is absolutely crucial for a party."

"It’s amazing to find somebody who likes the same song at the party and sing and dance together."


Social music listening should also include real-world

co-listening scenarios - when people are actually around each other.



Understand the User

Semi-structured Interview

To understand the problems and the overall music co-listening experience at private social events, we conducted 10 separate interviews.

Co-listening experience at private social events

Number of Participants

6 Female 4 Male from age 22-29


To understand the problems within music co-listening experience at private social events, we conducted 10 separate interviews.

User Journey Map

We synthesized the interview findings into a user journey map describing the whole experience of a party with music for both the host and the party-goers.


User Needs & Painpoints Summary

According to the previous user studies, we synthesized the needs of the users for a co-listening experience as follow:


Ideate & Design

Design Objectives

Based on the findings we got in the user research, we summarized the objectives for the design as the following two parts:
Encourage everyone to participate in co-creating a playlist for a social event