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While we are all looking for better career growth in the User Experience Design field, there is a lack of understanding of where we stand right now. What is the next level we can head to? What are the challenges of career growth as UX designers in North America?

In the UXRenUS community, we have over two thousand UX designers working or studying in North America and a growing number of potential UX student candidates. We have cultivated a good community environment for networking, sharing experiences, conducting mentorship, and hosting online/offline events.

With this report, we aim to provide you the career insight of UX professionals with a deeper understanding of their background, income level, work process, and job hunting experience. We got 314 samples of responses from UX designers working in North America to support the analysis.


Report contributors: Jason Liu (Organizer), Olivia (Jingya) ChenXiaohan Wu, Chester WangLi ZengStephanie Meng

*Note: No part of this publication text may be uploaded or posted online without the prior written permission of the publisher. For permission requests, write to the publisher

My contribution: Data Analysis and Data Visualizations

Tools: Tableau, Observable 

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