Working with the Patient Experience team from the Allegheny Health Network, VRCaring is a cross-disciplinary team creating a virtual reality experience to help build empathy and bring behavior change to the healthcare workers.

Our solution is to utilize perspective-taking methods on the virtual reality platform to allow the healthcare professionals to see through the eyes of the patients, so they could have a better understanding of the patient’s feelings and deliver more empathetic care. 


4 months

My Role

  • Producer: the captain of the ship! manage the team and production, communicate with the client and domain experts.

  • Designer: think, sketch, define, and prototype the experience.

  • User Researcher: organize the formative and evaluative user studies, conduct 20+ interviews with nurses, patient and domain experts.


Unity, C#, Illustrator, Figma, Maya

Team Member

Doris (3D Artist), Siqi (Programmer), Huixin (Designer & Sound Design), Badri (Programmer) 

The Client

Allegheny Health Network

Case Study

Trailer Video

Delivery & Impact

Deliverables:  Interactive VR Experience

  • Unity Build

  • Setup Instructions

  • User Experience Map

  • Technical Documentation

Client Feedback:

" The patient’s thoughts and emotions were captured. The goal was to show how patients can feel confused, helpless, or sad while they are staying in a hospital. VRCaring successfully showed these negative feelings, as well as how certain actions can make a patient feel positive: that they are still being treated as a human and not just a medical patient. "

- Carly Hicks, Patient Experience content expert at AHN

"This is a very good job! I like the "tone" of the patient and the nurse is very natural. The background music is well used."

- Eugene Scioscia, AHN’s Chief Experience Officer

" Love how the nurse explains and the scenario design."

- Paula Coe, VP of Nursing Education and Practice

" Please know that your training will impact countless nurses and patients at AHN."

- Marisa McCabe, Project Manager of Shared Service at AHN