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I just graduated from my Master program as a UX / Game Designer

@ Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University

I am also a research assistant advised by Prof. Brad A Myers and Prof. Adam Perer

@ Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

I got my Bachelor Degree majored in Automobile Engineering 

@ Tsinghua University, China

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Before coming to ETC at CMU, I majored in Automobile Engineering at Tsinghua University, during which I got an understanding of how engineers work and think which helped me a lot in later collaborations. I also did a user research intern at Articulab in HCII, CMU advised by Prof. Justine Cassell in the summer of 2017. Besides, I worked as a product design intern at Daimler Greater China Ltd., where I enhanced my product thinking and market scouting ability when working with the project owner.


Now, I just graduated with a Master of Entertainment Technology at CMU, where I systematically learned about game design, user research, rapid prototyping and got rich practical experience in ETC client-based projects, tackling different challenges of design for the different target audiences with various technology (AR/VR/AI...) and platforms (Mobile/PC/smartboard/…)

I am also a research assistant advised by Prof. Brad A Myers and  Prof. Adam Perer, at HCII in CMU, where I established a solid and deeper understanding of interaction design and user study, systematically learned about knowledge of user research and avant-garde HCI topics like designing with AI and new interaction techniques.

I aspire to innovations based on empathetic observations with people, and I combine the understanding of technology and user-centered design to make products that can truly advance human life.



UX Design Method

Qualitative & Quantitative User research and analysis, Contextual Inquiry, Survey Design, Usability Test, User Journey Map, Wireframing, Information Architecture, Storyboarding, Prototyping


Design Tools

Sketch, Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere), Invision, Figma, Balsamiq, Unity, Tableau, etc.


Coding Tools

Python, Web Front-End (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), R, Unity (C#), etc.



 “Are you ready, Let’s roll!” Jumping from over 12000ft, I feel like the adrenaline rush to my head and I immerse into a completely free. I have tried skydiving 3 times in Switzerland, Thailand, and Lake Tahoe, every time I catch the different perspectives of the world with excitement. That is the feeling I am addicted to, the feeling of pushing myself to the extreme, overcoming my fear and accomplish something.


The charm of the car is self-evident for the young heart. How many people have ever dreamed of becoming a racing driver, even though it is not F1. I worked at Tsinghua University Racing Car Team (sponsored by Audi China)  for 3 years in my undergrad, and participated in the Student Formula SAE competition Twice, and presenting our designing/business report on behalf of our team.


I have a lovely cutie Bubu, who was adopted by my family 3 years ago. He really has a huge body with 88 pounds weight, but his personality is just like a friendly little boy. I appreciate him to appear in my life and accompany me through all frustrating time. I hope we could become better and better together!

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