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Project Brief

     This project relies on the GlobalDrive project which is an international cooperation project between Tsinghua University and the Technical University of Munich. The sponsors propose transportation-related topics, and students from four international cooperation institutions and four students from the Technical University of Munich will form a team to work together to complete the design and development.


     The topic of this project is:  Optimization, redesign, and prototype the Renault Twizy. Specific tasks include exterior design, human-machine interaction design, and thermal management system design. In this project, I am mainly responsible for human-machine interaction design and interior design and concept design of the high-level service.


     Based on the historical experience of human civilization and industrial development, new sources of power and new ways of information transfer will promote the transformation of the transport method. Electric cars, smart driving, and automatic driving have gradually become the focus of global attention. Under the background of the rapid development of information technology, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology have also been widely studied and applied in the transportation field; problems associated with rapid economic development such as urban traffic congestion and environmental pollution still affect people's lives. This project aims to provide a user-centric approach to transportation for future city commuters by combining hardware and software design. This project focuses on the interactive design of the interior and exterior of the car, combining human-vehicle interaction and car-car interaction to provide a single-drive electric vehicle with a high-quality, environmentally-friendly, and intelligent user experience.

Our Team Members

Jingya Chen ( Me ) : HMI Design, Interior Design, Whole Concept Design

Zhengyuan Cai: Exterior Design & Production

Kaiyuan Wang: Exterior Design & 3D Printing

Jing Huang: Thermal Management

Benno Bernhardt: Thermal Management System Design, Production

Elena Weisbrodt: Thermal Management System Design, Testing

Sebastian Newiger: Thermal Management System Design, Prototype Building

Manuel Scholl: Thermal Management System Design, Testing


Background & Research

Focus Setting:

Come up with a transportation solution for young adults in the big city with heavy traffic ( e.g. Beijing, Munich)

Why Small Electrical Vehicle (EV) ?

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What is the need of our target user ?


Exterior Design

Initial Design Deliverables

  • Exterior Designed and Modeled by Zhengyuan Cai & Kaiyuan Wang

  • All the below works are my work part

Interior Design & Interaction Design


Further Design Solutions

Car-car Communication Concept Design
In-Car Interaction Analysis
In-Car Interaction Design Concept
Display Interface
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